something about being the way.

follow me, He says.

but neglects to hand me the map.

follow you?

follow where?

what do you think this is, a game of follow-the-leader?

do you expect me

to run around the playground

climbing bars and dodging swings

without a destination in mind?

clearly, you’ve never taken a road trip with me

if you think

that I will just follow you.

but still.

follow me, He says,

quiet echoes in my heart.

follow. me.

something about being

the way, the truth, and the life

and truth, well, I can accept that truth comes from you

and life, I’ll take that over death

but I trip

over the words

in that first fragment.

I am the way.

follow me.

follow you?

you are not a street sign,

you are not a paper map,

you are not even a vague arrow,

a general sense of direction.


why should I follow you when I can’t see where you’re going?

isn’t it better

if I slide into the driver’s seat

if I set the course

and you – come along for the ride.

you, you should follow me.

but still He says,

follow me.

what if I say no?

what if I stand still?

what if I am tired of scrambling across the monkey bars?

what then?

what next?

what now?


inspired by a prompt in a story sessions write-in. if you need a community that champions – these are your sisters.