half way.

It’s almost impossible to believe how quickly the time has gone, how fast this adventure has flown by. It still feels like October in my head, somehow, and I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that no, it’s halfway over. Halfway over? How can it be halfway over? We just started.

I’m back on the Greensboro Fellows blog today, and I’d love it if you’d head over there for a little update on reaching the halfway point of this crazy, ridiculous, beautiful, messy adventure.


good and busy.

People keep asking me about the Fellows Program. How is it, they say, how’s it going? I usually respond by saying, “good,” and then follow it up with, “busy.” Because I really have no idea how to describe how exactly it’s been.

This week, I’m writing over at the Greensboro Fellows blog. Keep up with us over there, won’t you?

when I sit on the couch and am silent [at (in)courage]

I joined a community group at my church this year. We gather on Sunday afternoons to read the Word, discuss the sermon, ask questions, and chase after the Lord together. We think and ponder and eat and laugh and share life, and it’s been an incredible blessing.

But the truth is this: often, I sit on the couch and am silent.

I’m only twenty-one, a college student trying to figure herself out and find her place in the world.

And when I sit in the circle of adults – people with marriages and mortgages, children and careers, real grown-ups living in the real world – it’s all too easy to believe that I don’t have anything to say.

Today, I’m writing over at (in)courage. Join me there?

Keeping Advent [at Redeemer]

I’ve never been very good at keeping Advent.

When I was younger, we would make paper chains and drape them around our rooms, cutting off a link each day, watching as the red-and-green string of loops grew shorter and shorter until one morning we woke up and there was only one link left, a gold strip of construction paper stapled into a circle.

This year, my church is doing a blog series on Advent, and today I’m writing for it. Join me over there, won’t you?

the Gospel is more [at Church of the Redeemer]

“Gospel” is, if you think about it, kind of a loaded word.

The gospel is such a heavy thing to sling around. Live out the gospel. Explain the gospel. Share the gospel.

Telling me to share the gospel reminds me of 4 Steps to Salvation booklets and street evangelism and the Romans Road and swaying choirs in long robes and that little picture you learned to draw in youth group with you on one side of a canyon and God on the other, and the cross bridging the gap.

And that’s accurate, but that’s not everything. Because the gospel is so much more to me than salvation booklets or cute drawings attempting to illustrate something so mysterious and marvelous that those drawings can’t even come close.

This week, my wonderful church was kind enough to ask me to write for their blog. We’re doing a series on Romans and so today, I’m talking about what the gospel means to me. Click right about here to read the rest, won’t you?