a gathering of thoughts.

scattered fragments. i think my jigsaw puzzle is a missing a piece, that one piece that will make it all come clear.

i’ve been looking under tables, but it’s nowhere to be found.

so here i am, well past bedtime, attempting to gather thoughts. rearranging them into scribbles and syllables, hoping that some sense will appear.

thoughts remain scattered, but still i catch them in my hands.


learning, as of late:

if by some gift of grace you find those special people that are your people – hold them tight and be grateful for them. every single day. love them as well as you possibly can.

sit and face yourself. take a good long look. stop running. come to terms. make peace. you’re gonna have to live with yourself for a good long time, hopefully, so make peace.

whitespace. white. space. leave margins in your life. fight for them, if you need to.

it’s okay to look at yourself in the mirror and declare yourself pretty. really. you can do it.

love wins.

always leave five minutes early. or ten. don’t be late. cool kids aren’t late.

monday is rough. but she just wants a little love, like everybody else. make monday your friend.

celebrate. everything.

do new things. even if they scare you. especially if they scare you. don’t miss the adventure because you were too scared.

find people who are better than you. who love better. who live better. people who make you want to be a better person. and then, listen to them. watch them. learn.

ask questions.


maybe i’ll stop chasing jigsaw pieces.

let my hands be too busy seeking beauty to fret about the missing pieces.


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