come over me like water.

come over me

like water,

fill all the cracks

and crevices.


you are so welcome here.

come like a flood,

come like rain,


with the force of your presence.

pour out all the waters

of you

onto my dry soul.

come like a river,

roaring down towards the sea,

roots and rocks giving way

in the power of your rush.

come like the sea,

crashing over me

as a wave

beating against

my weary heart

until all the rough

is smoothed away.

come like a lake,

calm and still

peace soothing

a troubled life.

as the deer

pants for water,

so I long for you

but I do not believe

that a drink will satisfy.

drown me

I will sink

until the waters close above my head

and there,

on the ocean floor,

perhaps I will

no longer thirst.


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