eyes to see.

my natural inclination

is not to praise.

i do not see


in all of creation.

come to think of it,

i do not think

i even see creation.

i see

but miss the wonder.

miss the glory.

miss the beauty.


i stood on a mountain

and peered

out at the valley below.

and you said,

He created this with one word.

and i thought…

i want to look at the world

and marvel like that.


one word

endless beauty

and i don’t want to miss it anymore.

i want to see glory

i want to stand in wonder

i want to be awe-struck

by the simple

(marvelously complex)


that the sun continues

to peek over the horizon

every morning.

simple fact,

everyday miracle.


give me eyes to see

ears to hear

hands to hold

a heart to rejoice

in everyday miracles.

oh, i want to see the glory.


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