you once told me.

you once told me

that i was created




but in this world

that surrounds me

and barely makes sense

it’s hard for me

to see the purpose

when i don’t even


the inner workings

of my own

foolhardy heart

and tongue-twisted head.

this me –

this supposedly

fearfully and wonderfully me –

sometimes, this me does not

seem to fit

and i am left


half-completed phrases

tangled emotions

and hands

clutching at something

without knowing

exactly what they were reaching


or what they


and so i

try to cling to the truth

that i am

fearfully and wonderfully made

but sometimes,

i must confess,

that truth rings false

to my ears.


2 thoughts on “you once told me.

  1. Hope it is not required to have cup of tea and comfy chair since I’m sitting in the parking lot at Home Depot waiting for Grandean. Your writing is a lovely way to wait. Hugs!

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