change, long awaited and late in coming.

it feels like limbs,

wrapped tight trapped

longing to break out

of this day

this week

this moment

this skin

this life

this steady everyday

it feels like a fire,

hot enough to burn

but not hot enough

to burn away the old

and bring in the new

it feels like being held back

by circumstances

or fear

or time

or weakness

it feels like an impossible,


need to escape



need to get out

to set fire

to set free

to do something.


at all.

somehow someway something

some thing.

it feels like pressing

up against

the skin that separates

today from tomorrow

and finding

that it does not budge

will not move

will not give

will not bend

will not fold around your curves

and welcome them

into newness

it just stands

and resists

and you can

throw yourself at that wall

all you want

but it

will not



prompted by a story sessions write-in. if you need community, these ladies are the raddest around.


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