belong | five minute friday

oh won’t you stay with me

cause you’re all I need

isn’t that all

we long for sometimes?

stay with me.

someone to ask, stay.

you’re all

I need

please, darling, stay.

I crave a place

of belonging

a place that knows

my curves

knows the way I walk

a place that welcomes

all my faults and all my failures

a place that celebrates

all that is good in me

and glosses over the ugly

loving me still.

I just want to belong somewhere.

don’t you?

you must.

I want a place

that whispers,

here, darling.

curl up and call me home.

and I’m searching

I’ve been searching

still hoping

and learning how

to settle into my own skin

to belong right here

right where my feet are.

still learning how to


how to root myself

I can carve out a place

and call it home.

and while I find

myself here

I will open my arms

because you, darling,

you belong here.

with me.

we can make a home here.

make a space that knows

the way we walk.

belong with me.

you belong.

you do.

if you need a place

come round

come find me.

come sit next to me.

and tell your stories.

I’ll make space for you to belong.

won’t you

stay with me?


this week, we’re linking up with Chrystal Stine to gather to write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. no editing, no deleting, just words.


22 thoughts on “belong | five minute friday

  1. Beautiful prose describing the longings of all our hearts! Yes, I know I long for that person but am thankful that God has promised to be that person for me. Blessings! Glad to be your FMF neighbor today!

  2. ‘curl up and call me home’ – what hospitality! I hear God saying that to me through your words today, too… thank you for sharing them.

  3. I love your poetry, as always, sister. And I love your offering to someone else the thing you long for. Absolutely beautiful. Love you girl.

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