exhale | five minute friday


breathe out, sister.

breathe in.

and breathe out.

there is rest here. rest, and calm,

and infinite space in the shallow between breaths.

find it. stretch out your arms and touch it.

you’ve been holding tight.

too tight.


listen to your breathe, like the waves that kiss the shore

and recede

to rise again.


root yourself in the rhythm.

do you remember how to breathe deep?

so deep, you think your lungs

might burst?

that feeling, that filled feeling –

that is how you should feel.


because there is goodness here.

and rest.

and steadiness.

and rhythm.

and beauty.

find it

in the inhale

and in the exhale

find it

in the second between

find it

fill your hands

and lungs

and heart

breathe deep.

so, so deep.

let yourself be filled.

look at your hands, darling.

do you see how much you can hold?

so much is given.




and I’m back, linking up with Lisa-Jo for five minute friday. five minutes, one word, no backspacing.


21 thoughts on “exhale | five minute friday

  1. Hi, Hannah! Visiting you from Five Minute Friday.

    This was EXACTLY the post I needed. Anxiety has really been plaguing me the last few days. Reading your words…I actually slowed down, stretched out my breathing, looked at my hands. Thank you so much for sharing this. You blessed me!

  2. holy friggen crap – the only words I can really express because you’ve stolen all the poetry from the world and placed it all in this post. thank you – for reminding me how much we can hold, but how sometimes we just need to let that all go.

  3. love this. it really resonates with the idea of ‘rest’ i’ve been pondering for the past couple months.
    the part about looking down at your hands and seeing what you are capable of holding…really resonated. Thank you for sharing your gift here.

  4. Wow. Yes. Breathing more intentionally now. Such beautiful writing which pulls at me to listen to the words. Oh, thank you so much for this. Visiting from FMF.

  5. Stopping by from #fmf. As I read this piece I was taken back to that sweet serenity of post-massage. That stillness when your muscles thank you and your feeling completely at peace.

    Reading your post was much cheaper than visiting Andrea. Thanks.

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