teach me how to root myself.

I want to be a tree





I want to sink my feet

down deep

in the earth

and stand


but I

am a bird

buffeted by the wind

fluttering after

shiny things




I want to be a tree.

I want my shade

to be a refuge

be a place of peace

I want my presence to

be an exhale

for you

but how can I

help you

breathe out

when I can

barely remember

to breathe in?



my soul forgot

that the rise and fall and rest

is not just for lungs.

I want to be a tree

standing witness to

the rhythm of

days blending

seasons slowly shifting.

but I

am a squirrel

hastily burying nuts

trusting not in tomorrow

and then


where I left them

facing the future with fear


I want

to be

a tree.

teach me

how to root myself.

but if I

for now

am a bird

I will find a branch

and cling tight

hoping that the heartbeat



of the bough

will bleed into my bones

and still

the racing

in my chest.


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