I’ve always like magicians.

I know it’s tricks,

sleight-of-hand, clever props, mirrors,

fast talk, misdirection.

but still,

I love it

(in a slightly aloof manner,

if I must be honest,

because something tells me

that I need to be too cool

to like magic shows.)

I like to believe

that onstage,

the impossible can be possible.

that dreams can be real.

I am perfectly willing

to suspend my disbelief

(even though

I should know better)

and let you fool me.

I want

at the same time

to both know

how it’s done

and to not know.

and maybe it’s

not real

because it’s just tricks

and it’s up there under the stage lights

but does that make it

any less real?



reviving my 31days tradition of one-word-prompted five-minute poetry. thanks Shelby for my word.


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