walk about your Zion.

walk about Zion, go all around it,

count its towers, consider well its ramparts.

this is my Zion,

my holy ground of  heart and hands.

here are my strong towers,

my weak arms that I have been holding up to you

for what seems like forever


for you to reach down

and hold my hand

fill these empty palms

this is my Zion.

consider well the ramparts

walk the walls

know them.

know the broken places in you,

the rubble falling apart,

the pebbles under your feet

that once belonged to towers tall.

count them.

see them.

look at the broken places.

now turn, daughter.

look at the healed places.

look at the healing places.

know them well.

consider them.

this, this body and soul,

they are holy ground.

he has said yes to you.


you shall be my dwelling place,

and i will be yours.

holy ground.

broken and healing.

walk about your Zion, sister.

go through its citadels, that you may tell the next generation,

that this is God.



from Psalm 48


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