write | five minute friday

the world will keep on spinning.

the sun will shine silver beams through leaves, raindrops will fall down to kiss the dry ground, hummingbirds will beat their wings, and on the other side of the world, a thunderstorm will rumble into being.

it will all keep happening, dearheart, if you never pick up a pen.

if you keep your words inside, if you let them simmer quietly and never boil over, never flow out. if you do not write.

the world will keep going, day by day by day. the world is a large place, and it does not often take the time to recognize you.

but, darling – will you keep on?

I’m sure you will. I’m sure the sun will draw patterns on your hair and the raindrops will wet your skin whether or not you have ink smudged on your fingertips and on your heart.

but these words you write, they are the beat of a hummingbird’s wings. you, dearheart, you could start a thunderstorm.


it’s five minute friday, where we join over at Lisa-Jo‘s place. one word, five minutes, no editing. just hearts and thoughts and words. 



2 thoughts on “write | five minute friday

  1. Dear Hannah
    Oh, I couldn’t help but think that all these things are but the physical part of the beauty that God is creating in you through Jesus. For that we also only need the Word who became flesh.
    Blessings XX

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