all I can do.

It’s a new year. New start.

And I want to promise a new me, a better me. I want to tell you that 12 months from now I will be the improved version of me. I want to-do lists and goals and 12-step plans to make a better me.

But I can’t promise that.

Because I can’t make myself better. I can try and strive and fight but it ain’t gonna work.

All I can do is follow You.

Wherever You lead. Whatever may come.

I don’t follow well, though. Especially when I can’t see where I’m going and right now I can’t see a single thing.

But He will be near. He’s promised that already, a hundred times over. He is near and He will be near, always, forever, amen.

So teach me the path, Lord. Teach me to follow.

New year. Same me.

But He is the same, too.


so I’m doing this thing called OneWord. basically: one word. no new year’s resolutions. just one word, one word to shape your year, your growth and learning. my word this year, in case you couldn’t tell, is follow.


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