[november 2013]

So it’s December.

That’s cool.

It’s been quiet around here, very very quiet, because I did a little thing I liked to call #noblogvember in an attempt to recover from the mad sprint that was 31 days. And it’s been nice, but also weird. I gotta get my writing groove back on.


In any case, let’s talk about everything I did in November while I wasn’t blogging. as we do around here, linking with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I was into.

reading [book-wise]

  • A Million Little Ways, Emily P. Freeman. Finished this and let me say, it is just too good. My first read-through was basically just breezing through so I’m going to re-read, slowly, and probably underline lots of things. If you’re into writing, or art, or life, read it.
  • Committed: A Love Story, Elizabeth Gilbert (aka…the Eat, Pray, Love person). Gilbert discusses the history and traditions of marriage as she comes to terms with her upcoming, Homeland Security-prompted wedding. It’s funny and interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Wild, Cheryl Strayed. Here’s the deal: I have no interest in months-long backpacking journeys. Yes, this book made me want to buy some hiking boots and wander through the wilderness for a while. Strayed’s writing is beautiful and full of heart.
  • Graceling, Kristen Cashore. This is a third or fourth-time reread for me, but I love Cashore’s writing. Easily some of my favorite fantasy novels.
  • in progress: Out of the Silent Planet (C.S. Lewis), Emma (Jane Austen), Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), The Scorpio Races (Maggie Steifvater), The Book Thief (Markus Zusak and yes I’ve been reading it for like three months now I promise I’ll finish), and the poetry books from last month, because I cannot for the life of me read a single book at once.

reading [blog-wise]

okay, admittedly, #noblogvember kinda turned into #noblogreadingvember. I’m sure I read some good things, but I didn’t save any links, so all I’ve got is this, from Hannah Brencher: don’t miss the bells.


this is my november jams list. does it include two versions of Say Something and two covers of Royals? yup. no shame.

John Mark McMillan and The Civil Wars were my Thanksgiving break road trip music, and they make it so much better than listening to Counting Stars 568 times on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song, but if I have to hear it again in the next week I might lose it.

and, of course…CHRISTMAS MUSIC IS OUT. IN FULL FORCE. that’s right, even pre-Thanksgiving. I go there.


  • CATCHING FIRE CATCHING FIRE CATCHING FIRE. I mean, it was okay, I guess. (I loved it. It was fantastic. I want to see it again.)
  • the regulars: Elementary, Parks & Rec, Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD, The Voice.
  • also, confession time: totally addicted to Junior MasterChef. oops. it’s great.
  • this twelve-part documentary on New York City Ballet.
  • on the vlog-y side of things, Emma Approved has left me mostly disappointed due to some weirdness with transmedia and lots of weirdness regarding what’s occurring in/out of world, but I still watch it for snarky Knightley. Autobiography of Jane Eyre, just keeps getting more and more perfect and has inspired to do a re-read of Jane Eyre, as it’s been ages since I read it.
  • and of course: Doctor Who! The 50th anniversary special was this month. I enjoyed it and loved seeing some old faces back on the screen, but honestly, I’m getting a little tired of Moffat’s shenanigans.


  • Thanksgiving. duh. lots of pie.
  • made some vanilla lime coconut cookies that turned out great (the ones that I didn’t burn…whoops)
  • other than that, nothing new and exciting. lots of crockpot recipes on repeat.


  • a weekend retreat with my bible study girls where we ate a lot of food, talked about Jesus, collected seashells, and waded in the ocean. in November. yes please.
  • picking up knitting again, and feeling like I’m doing doing something productive when I watch tv.
  • road tripping. okay, this is a love/hate relationship. it’s a 6 hour drive from home to school, and I just did it twice in a week and will be doing it again in another week. learning to love it.
  • decorating our little apartment for Christmas. my roomie and I set up a little tree and made snowflakes for the windows and there have been several nights of tea and Christmas lights in there.
  • catching up with some friends over break. bestie time.
  • end-of-the-semester performances! I stage managed a concert and then smeared blue face mask all over my clothes and face to perform in one the next week, so I pretty much lived in the dance theater for 2 weeks. it was fun, but glad it’s over.
  • speaking of that concert, my mom and grandma came down to see me dance. we drove through campus, went to church, and ate yummy food.
photoshootthese ladies. they’re the bomb.

so tell me…what’s on your love list for November?


8 thoughts on “[november 2013]

  1. A great post as always! 🙂 Definitely going to check out the documentary on The New York City Ballet. Love that you took some time off from blogging in November – I need to ‘officially’ do that as well. Isn’t Catching Fire fantastic? And your retreat with your gals sounds wonderful too.

  2. I’ve been reading A Million Little Ways slowly and loving it. So much goodness. I’m actually going to be reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel soon- the premise sounds fascinating! Maybe someday I’ll read Committed. Your weekend retreat sounds amazing!

  3. I just saw The Book Thief this month and I cannot wait to read the book! I think Jane Eyre is better with every re-read…I’ll have to look into that vlog!

    And YES to crockpot recipes. What are some of your favorites?

    1. Check out AOJE! It just keeps getting better…the acting, directing, script, everything is spot-on. Crockpot wise, we have a few standbys and tend to rotate through them 🙂 Curries and enchilada soups are yummy! There are some links in previous what i’m into posts!

  4. Pie. yes, pie. Love pie. Oh, and 31 days. Well, I get it. I just finished my 31 Days series yesterday! Crazy and exhausting and yet so rewarding. Look forward to more as soon as you are ready. Amy

  5. Oh, also, my husband loves to hike and I kinda hate it. I do love beautiful words, though, so I think I’m going to pick up Wild and see what it does for me 🙂

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