question | day twenty-four

some days, it feels like i have are questions.

and usually, the writing helps. if I can burrow deep enough into my heart, into my soul, into the questions. if i can dig through the thoughts and sort out the words, sifting adverbs & adjectives through my fingers like sand. if i can shout my doubt into the universe by the clacking of my keys.

if i can write through it, i can get at least a grasp on it.

but questions are slippery things and it’s hard to hold sand in your hands.

and right now, i’ve got questions and no answers. and i feel like someone wrung all of the sentences right out of me. and i’m weary of words, words, words, and i just want to silence the clacking of the keys and be still.

be still.

and instead of shouting the doubts into the universe, maybe they need to sit in my soul for a little while. maybe i need to whisper to the night air instead.

i have learned that i have a voice. that i have words to share. that there is power in speaking out, in standing up, in declaring the truth that i know, that i am seeking, that i am learning.

but there is also power in knowing when to be silent.


don’t worry y’all, this is not me dramatically announcing my departure from the bloggy world. that will come after 31 days ends. kidding. mostly. today’s word from Vanessa and yes hello seven more days so if you want to give me a word, you better do it soon. @hannahboning.


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