never | day twenty-three

to be honest

i think i am all out of words tonight

i don’t know if i can turn a phrase

that will make your heart beat

just a little bit quicker

i’m not sure i can

string together some parts of speech

(or even name some parts of speech)

and punctuation is out of the question

(except for maybe a period every now and then)

and sometimes

i just want to stop

pick my fingers off the keys

and walk away

and never look back.


i want to spill my soul only to a journal

i want to stop trying so hard to make the words work

i want to just let it be in silence

because words are a fickle friend

and yet

here i am.


at this point, we’re in a countdown to the end of 31 days. just being honest. today’s word from Amy Boyd. to give me a one-word prompt hit me up @hannahboning. hit me up on the twitter anyway. i’m moderately funny and tweet about cookies a lot. 


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