resilient | day sixteen

did you know

you are more resilient than you know

He told me one day

as I wrapped my arms around my knees

and sobbed into my shins

because sometimes,

it feels like the world decided to play kickball with my heart

and didn’t consult me first.

and I think somewhere my spirit sprung a leak

and all the fight fell right out of me

resilient, He whispered,

look it up.

and I don’t know if I have the capacity to spring right back into shape

(as the dictionary defines it)

but recovery is built into my bones

because He built those bones

and He knew that one day

there would be a game of kickball

and a spirit-leak

and no more fight

but hearts are made for healing

and skinned knees scab over

so cry your cry, darling

but know this:

recovery is in your bones

resilience in your blood

strength in your soul

and even in your salt-water tears.

did you know?


for a friend. my 31 days series is explained here. today’s word from Leanne Penny. to give me a one-word prompt, hit me up @hannahboning.





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