longer | day fifteen

some days I wonder,

how much longer

because this earth is broken

and these hearts are broken

and try as I might,

I can’t stitch hearts back together

and I sure can’t glue this world back together

I’ve never been great when it comes to needle and thread

and pardon me while I glue my fingers together

because sometimes it feels like I’m just making a bigger mess of things.

so how much longer, Abba?

how much longer till no more pain and no more tears

and creation has been groaning for so long

and I’m ready, Your kingdom come

on earth as it is in heaven

how much longer?

but I don’t think You count in minutes and seconds like I do,

because all I get is a whisper on the wind that says,

a little longer.


more poetry for 31 days today, just because. today’s word from Vanessa. send me a one-word prompt @hannahboning if you want to join the fun.


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