close | day twelve

close, close, come closer

come close the gap between you and me

come let me see behind your closed walls

closed-off heart, closed-off eyes

when I reach for your hand

your fingers don’t close around mine


mind the gap,

the signs would say

and we used to laugh about it when we were in London.

but somewhere along the way

we forgot the mind the gap

between you and me.


and now it’s wider than I ever thought

that it could be

I’ll make the jump from my side to yours

but I don’t know if we’re close enough anymore.

so if I tumble into the chasm between

just know I tried.



so, I’m gonna be honest: I didn’t want to form real sentences tonight so you get a little poetry-ish thing. sometimes, my writing refuses to be paragraphed. my 31 days series is explained here and today’s word prompt comes from Erin M. Salmon. want to give me a one-word prompt? tweet it @hannahboning.


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