ordinary | five minute fri(day eleven)

We’re all just ordinary people around here.

Ordinary students. Ordinary moms. Ordinary workers. Ordinary bloggers, writing ordinary words.

Oh, but there is nothing ordinary about those words.

Because you tell me about your ordinary days. Your ordinary ups and downs, your struggles and your challenges and your joys. And telling me the ordinary takes a special kind of brave, I believe. Letting me in and letting me see your ordinary, your everyday, your makeup-free heart and the crumbs under your couch. That’s an ordinary kind of brave.

We’re all here. We’re struggling through this together, these ordinary days. We’re writing and living and loving and trying to do it all as best we can, but we are simply ordinary people chasing after the extraordinary. And we mess up.

There are typos. There are mis-tweets. There is confusion, because no matter how good of a wordsmith you are twitter don’t let me see your face and you can only fit so much meaning into 140 characters and hashtags only say so much. There are hurting days and can’t-get-out-of-bed days and everything-went-wrong days.

And all I have to offer is ordinary grace.

Because there’s beautiful in the ordinary, in the mess,  in the everyday. In walking together through the words and life and love. In forgiving, in listening, in speaking truth. In offering ordinary grace.

I’m learning to find the beauty in this ordinary. To offer up my empty hands and my open heart and speak out my ordinary truth. And oh, ordinary grace is nothing but.

So give me your ordinary. Write out your jumbled heart and your jumbled head and I’ll be here. And I don’t love as well as I’d wish but I can promise you that I’m here.

Ordinary words. Ordinary love. Ordinary grace.


it’s five minute friday, where we gather at Lisa-Jo’s to write for five minutes, unedited, on one word. five minute friday just so happens to work perfectly with my 31 days series, so there you go.


6 thoughts on “ordinary | five minute fri(day eleven)

  1. “all I have to offer is ordinary grace.” Isn’t this all any of us have to offer ? I have been so blessed to watch your bravery shine as we all walk through this life together, God shine through your words.

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