beauty| day nine

I love beauty.

Don’t we all?

Why do we starve ourselves, acquire a closet full of clothes we don’t wear, spend half an hour painting over our skin in the mornings?

We love beauty. I am madly in love with beautiful things, and lately I’ve been realizing that doesn’t mean the perfect wardrobe or that body on the magazine or finally mastering liquid eyeliner.

No, I love a simpler beauty.

Leaves crunching underfoot. Fresh flowers on my coffee table. Christmas lights around my window. A sky streaked a million different shades. The vibrant green of leaves with sunlight filtering through. The space in between you and me when we allow each to breathe, to be, to let go.

I love this beauty, and it feeds my soul in a way that nothing else does. I chase it with words and try to feel that I, too, can be a part of something beautiful. Something that lets your heart exhale just a little bit.

And this is the invitation He has given me – to be part of something beautiful. To make beauty with Him, to be a part of the beautiful plan that He is unfolding day by day. And I don’t understand it, and I can’t make any sense of it most of the time, but it’s beautiful. So I’ll keep chasing.


you can learn about my 31 days series here. thanks to Jennifer Landman for today’s word. you can drop me a word @hannahboning or in the comments. and please, for goodness sake, stop giving me food words. that was one time. 


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