community | day six

thank you.

yes, you. thanks for reading this. thanks for hitting the follow button or putting your email in that little box or clicking a link on twitter or facebook or whatever it is that brought you here, brought you to this little corner of the internet that I’ve claimed as my own. thank you.

because I could write words all day long, but you’re the one that reads them.

thanks for reading them. thanks for leaving a comment. thanks for listening to my crazypants on twitter.

thanks for being my community.

I keep reading that we’re living in the technology age, and and we’re substituting online connections for in-person connections, and our ability to maintain relationships is going downhill.

I don’t know if I agree with that. because I have made friends online. I have found community online. and you’re not just my internet community. You’re my community. You might not be in my time zone or on my couch but we can share cups of coffee in different states. You’re still my real-life community, because this is real life and we’re living it together.

so thank you. thank you for sharing your words. thank you for sharing your beautiful mess. thank you for teaching me that there is no such thing as just a mom. thank you for teaching me that there is no such thing as just a single girl, too. thank you for making me fall in love with words, over and over again. thank for you letting me see you struggle and grow. thank you for calling me a writer before I was ready to claim it. thank you for reminding me to work on my brave. thank you for telling me it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. thank you for making me laugh and making me cry. thank you for rejoicing with me. thank you for praying over me. thank you for loving me.

and thank you for reading.


you can learn more about my 31 days series here. thanks to Megan Eccles for finally giving me a word that wasn’t food.


3 thoughts on “community | day six

  1. Wonderful thoughts. Thank you, Hannah, for always being willing to share. Teaching the COTL youth this weekend on…community. 😉 Love you

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