photography | day five

I used to be that person. You know, the one with the camera. Obsessively taking pictures and capturing moments. Smile, guys.

And in some ways, I still am. Better believe I’m gonna be posing for all our Christmas pictures and if I’m gonna hike up a mountain, I will be taking pictures at the top because I worked hard for this and I need to prove to you that I made it all the way up. Plus, like, I need a new cover photo and this would be awesome on facebook.

But in some ways, I’m not. I don’t have a smartphone like all the cool kids do and I don’t instagram my days.

And sometimes, I wish I did. I’d love to show you the eggplant I just roasted and where I hung my hammock this morning and the cute dress I’m wearing tonight. If I can just get a picture of it, it happened and it’s real and it was cool and maybe someone will like it.

But it happened. And it’s real. And it was cool. And that photograph might capture our smiles but it’ll never capture how it feels to have your arm around my shoulders, and sunsets don’t really translate onto a computer screen because they belong in the sky.

So I’ll keep going with my un-instagramed life, and maybe I’ll savor that sunset and that perfectly purple eggplant and the view from my hammock a little more right now, knowing that it won’t be preserved in my pocket for the days to come.


to learn more about my 31 days series, head right here. thanks to Andi Moore, my super balling o-flow teamie, for today’s word. if you’ve got a word for me tweet it at @hannahboning or drop it in the comments and just maybe I’ll write about it.


One thought on “photography | day five

  1. Oh, Hannah. Right on the money with this one. I’d never thought of it that way, but how many people do you see with their phones out taking videos or pictures to capture the moment, but forget to SAVOR that moment instead?? this makes me put down my phone to enough the small, simple pleasures of a childs hug, a beautiful sunset and the vibrancy of the hearty colorful veggie stew I have for dinner.

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