dance | day one

dance, darling.

dance on the daily.

walk into that studio with your heart open and get ready to leave it all on that floor. there’ll be a lot of sweat, but likely blood and surely tears too because you can’t hide behind your smiles when you dance. Martha Graham said that movement is the barometer of the soul, but maybe Shakira said it best: hips don’t lie.

and you’ve got hips and legs and feet and they were made for dancing, so you do it.

you’ve got a rhythm pounding in your bones and flowing through your veins. it’s been pulsing with every heartbeat you’ve ever had and it’s sneaking out of your body with your breathing.

and don’t you try and keep that rhythm down, baby girl. because it’s who you are as much your eyes and your laugh and it’s trying to make itself known. so you dance it.

dance at weddings – oh, you better be first out on that floor – and dance at funerals, because a good life deserves to be celebrated.

dance in your kitchen. dance in your car. dance in the grocery store, too.

some people will stare and some people will laugh and some people will dance with you, and when you find one of those people you grab their hand and hold on tight, tight, tight. you never let go.

cause those people are the ones you’re gonna want around. they’re the ones you’ll need to dance you through the days of heartbreak when ice cream just ain’t enough to put your pieces back together and you’re about ready to hang up your dancing shoes for good.

don’t. you. dare.

you dance.


if you want to know more about 31 days, clicky right here. thanks to Adele Chapman for today’s word and if you want to prompt me (please do!) tweet a word @hannahboning or drop it in the comments below. and dance.


2 thoughts on “dance | day one

  1. I just read this out loud to Karilyn in the Hong Kong airport. We both sat and marveled at your gift of expressing heart feelings through black and white. You are marvelous. We are both so, so blessed- and better- because we know you.

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