one hundred fifty-five minutes.

the facts are these:

Every October, The Nester does this thing called 31 Days. (or #31Days if Jimmy Fallon hasn’t yet shamed you out of using hashtags in real life. I will go down with that ship, y’all.)

A bunch of cool people commit to blogging, every day, for 31 days, about one topic.

I am doing this.

Ever the procrastinator, I decided to do this tonight. The night before it all starts, the night the big link-up happens.

At this point, a lot of people already have a blog button and an intro post and a cute little calendar with a blog plan and an outline. I have a bunch of post-its with rejected 31 days ideas (31 days of #foreveralone). Because I might color-code my agenda like whoa, but when it comes to blogging I’m more of a when-the-mood-strikes kinda person.

But lately, I’ve been wanting to be more intentional. I want writing to be more habitual in my life, something I do and share on a daily basis. And there’s nothing like a public commitment and massive amounts of peer pressure to help you achieve your goals, right?

So I’m doing 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. Why yes, I am shamelessly stealing Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday format. I prefer to think of it as being inspired by. Sincerest form of flattery and all that.

For the rest of October, I’ll be writing a five-minute post, inspired by a prompt word. Rules are meant to be broken, of course, so it might be a fifteen-minute post, but every single day, I’ll sit down and write for a minimum of five minutes. Minimal editing, minimal planning. Just my heart on my sleeve + my words on my fingertips.

We’re all about audience interaction over here, so this is the fun part where you get involved. Give me a word! I’ll be asking for prompts regularly so throw me a word via Twitter or in the comments of any of my 31 Days posts.

So stick around, maybe? Let’s see what I come up with this month.


day one: dance

day two: rush

day three: write

day four: held

day five: photography

day six: community

day seven: break

day eight: cheese

day nine: beauty

day ten: found

day eleven: ordinary

day twelve: close

day thirteen: real

day fourteen: hush

day fifteen: longer

day sixteen: resilient

day seventeen: space

day eighteen: laundry

day nineteen: victory

day twenty: story

day twenty-one: a haiku

day twenty-two: journey

day twenty-three: never 

day twenty-four: question

day twenty-five: together

day twenty-six: world

day twenty-seven: ache

day twenty-eight: whole

day twenty-nine: frost

day thirty: lead

day thirty-one: grace

p.s. please don’t judge my blog button. last-minute, remember? I don’t really know how this all works.


6 thoughts on “one hundred fifty-five minutes.

  1. This is a perfect idea. Glad you jumped in even at the last minute. Part of me wishes I did but then the other part (the tired working mom part) tells me I made the right decision for this season.

  2. Word Suggestions: Africa. Orphans. Music I listen to when I’m sad. I Watched This Movie The Other Day Because… Nakedness. Bold. Eshet Chayil. Thoughts on Halloween. Thoughts on Thanksgiving. Photography. The Crunchiness Factor of Leaves. My Favorite Poem. Pumpkin Spice Season. Starbucks Because… Inspired*. Fear. What “handicaps” you? Golf as a metaphor. Gymnastics as a metaphor. Booklist. International Travel. Flying vs. Lesser Forms of Travel.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with this month!

  3. You are going to LOVE this. Last year I actually created a second blog and wrote for five minutes EVERY DAY, timer and all. And no editing. It was some of my favorite writing ever. I grew so much in my voice and some of my best writing was born out of that time as well. I meant to do it for a year but got derailed after about six months when I took a couple of overseas trips. Anyway, those six months were GENIUS. I’m so excited for you!!

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