mercy | five minute friday

mercy: compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one’s power.

I don’t think about mercy that much.

I like words like grace and peace and faith. I like be strong and courageous, fear not, I am with you.

But sometimes I forget that at the heart of it all there’s a man, hanging on a tree, taking the punishment I deserve.

Because that means remembering that I am an offender. I am subject to His power, and I have offended against Him.

A million times and a million times more.

And it’s easier to think about rainbows-and-unicorns Jesus instead of torn-and-beaten Jesus. It’s easier to picture little children coming to Him instead of nails being pounded into bone. It’s easier to think He has forgiven me instead of I have done much that needs forgiveness.

But I have done much that needs forgiveness. And I deserve the torn-and-beaten, the nails. I deserve cast out, ignored, punished.

Yet – He calls me by name.

Oh, mercy.


Happy Friday, y’all. You know the drill – we #fmfparty on Twitter, we love and laugh, we talk about food. (all. the. dang. time. stop it with the nutella) And Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write, for five minutes, no judgement allowed. Join in, won’t you?


19 thoughts on “mercy | five minute friday

  1. “It’s easier to think He has forgiven me instead of I have done much that needs forgiveness.”

    This is so true for me. I’m quick to say, “but I’m forgiven.” And that’s the wrong way to think of it. Because is it true repentance then if that’s my first response? I need to be more quick in saying, “I have more than needs forgiveness.” I needed to read this!

  2. Girl you are wise beyond your years and I know I tell you this every single week. But you are- and God is up to something in you…Go sit at Tate Street coffee, at a little table in the corner, and you go soak up Jesus in whirl of the roasting coffee beans- I’ve had my most burning bush moments in that funky little place!

  3. I had a really hard time figuring out how i use or receive mercy in five minutes. i’m glad to say I’m going to have to spend the day thinking about it. and I think you hit a real meditation point right here, so good job on a five minute bit!

  4. I am good about beating myself up. I don’t need much help. However, focusing on His love, the shade of His protection, that He keeps every one of my tears in a bottle, that He planned all of me, put me together – it has allowed me to believe His forgives, to believe my sins are wiped away under the red sacrifice of His son – and it has allowed me to learn to live His love His way:) Interestingly, as I learn more about His love His way – the more I realize how big my sins are/were:) Blessings to you. May you find comfort and refreshing under His shadow today:)

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