love letters.

God writes love letters

and leaves them scattered around for me to find.

He writes me love in

the laughter of friends

the inside of a tomato

a cup of tea warming my palms.

He whispers love in sunsets and sunrises,

in crisp breezes and crunchy leaves.

He loves me sunshine and roses,

and rain clouds, too.

His love letters

look like fresh flowers

and perfect peaches

and five-year-old smiles.

His love shines in Christmas lights

and starry skies.

He loves me

and leaves me letters

to let me know.


3 thoughts on “love letters.

  1. I cam to reply to your FMF post this week, but this caught my eye. I used to live with some pretty awful roommates- but in the end decided it was best to stick with it until the end (which was soon) rather than move on and create a fuss. Every time I saw a beautiful sunset (which was often because I lived by the beach) I liked to think He was telling me how sorry he was and wouldn’t I like a pretty sunset to remind me I’ll get through it?

    It’s the little things, but every little thing was love. Beautiful post.

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