red | five minute friday

full disclosure: Taylor Swift is playing right now. You can’t expect me to write on the word red without listening to Red, can you?


Red isn’t my favorite T-Swizzle song, though. That’s (currently) 22, because if even Taylor Swift is singing about the early 20’s as happy free confused and lonely at the same time, I feel a lot better about my experience. Did I miss the adulthood lesson, or does being 21 just always feel miserable + magical at the same time?

But as long as we keep dancing, everything will be alright. And sometimes I just need that assurance, and I need to remember that it’s okay to dress up like hipsters and eat breakfast at midnight and dream instead of sleep and just be 22 21.

So keep dancing. It’s happy free confused and lonely, and a dictionary full of adjectives besides.

But tonight, we forget about the heartbreaks and keep dancing.


I warned you I might be blogging about TSwift. No judging. It’s Five Minute Friday, where anything goes. Linking up with Lisa-Jo as usual to write for (roughly) five minutes on one word and love on each other.


8 thoughts on “red | five minute friday

  1. ROFL.. You warned us…for sure. But I was really hoping for at least a mention of some red M&M’s 😀 And always keep dancing. You will never be too old (or young) to dance. Unscripted. In the rain. Even if complete strangers are watching. Because there is will you will find your moment of complete and total freedom. <> ~JuliAnne

  2. Your post made me smile! 22 (or 21) are pretty far in my past now, but I do remember the miserable magical time that it was. 🙂

    Keep Dancing….it seriously helps, even when your closer to 42 than 22!

    Visiting from FMF!

  3. Hannah, 22 is one of that songs that no one wants to admit to liking, but when it comes on in the car, we all turn it up a little bit. Do your thang girl!

  4. I have not been 21 or 22 in a long time but I am the mama of a soon to be 21 year old daughter. I see the misery and the magic flow though her life and in a way even through mine. I cry in silence when the misery comes and dance behind closed doors when the magic happens. Even though I am going through it with her I can’t do it for her.

    Pray as God lead all of you 20-somethings to find your place in His kingdom

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