[august 2013]

It’s that time again, folks. The end of the month. And every time this happens I freak out and go “what do you mean, the month is over??”

You’d think that by now I would realize how time works, but nope.

August has been a whirlwind. I came home from Africa, spent a week working at summer camp (aka The Best Job Ever), moved back to North Carolina to start my senior-but-not-really year of college, and am now two weeks into classes. It’s crazy. Also, Rachel Held Evans posted a blog of mine on her facebook page and I stopped breathing. Talk about crazy.

So now…let’s talk about August.

reading (bookish)

  • All the Summer Girls, Meg Donohue. I loved How to Eat a Cupcake so I decided to give this a try and really enjoyed it. It’s about three friends and the summer their friendship crumbled.
  • Every Day, David Levithan, about a person who wakes up every day in a different person’s life. It’s interesting and fascinating and thought-provoking.
  • Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness, Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. Yes. Beautiful Creatures. You probably saw a terrible-looking trailer for the movie at some point. There’s a book. It’s surprisingly good as far as supernatural-YA-romance goes (not like I read a lot of that) and is from the viewpoint of a guy, for some fun variety. I’m in the third book now and am enjoying them – quick, entertaining, drama, but maybe four books is a little too much. I found myself hoping that just once the book would end with the special/supernaturally gifted character dying/going bad/living in another world and their normal one-true-love would build a solid relationship with that other normal person that got tangled up in the mess, so apparently that means I’m getting tired of the genre. Not tired enough to stop reading, though.
  • works-in-progress: Beautiful Chaos, Cinderella Ate My Daughter (Peggy Orienstein), The Gifts of Imperfection (Brene Brown)

reading (bloggish)

My blog reader is still overwhelmingly full, thanks to that Africa-induced backup. I’m trying to catch up. Well, kinda trying.


these songs here have been on repeat. will I ever stop listening to Imagine Dragons on repeat? maybe. maybe not. probably not.

I’ve also started to get my fall music together. aka dancing in the kitchen songs.


  • Dance Academy is back, y’all. DANCE ACADEMY IS BACK. REJOICE WITH ME. But really though, this show is terrible in all the best ways and actually really good and I spent 95% of it cringing on Tara’s behalf because homegirl. is. clueless.
  • Breaking Pointe. because I’m a dancer and therefore MUST watch every show about dance. (except SYTYCD. totally haven’t watched this season at all).
  • Camp. This is terrible in all the terrible ways, and features like 75% of the Dance Academy cast, which is why I started watching it. I don’t even know what Abigail’s character’s name is on this show…she’ll always be Abigail to me.
  • Getting caught-up-ish on Once Upon A Time and remember how much I lovelovelove it. So good.
  • An episode or two of Elementary, which I adore so much but never remember I want to watch. Still in season one, y’all.


guys! guys! guys! I have an apartment now! Not really, as it’s still campus housing but the fact remains that are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Feeding myself like a grownup. My roomie’s lactose and gluten-free, and I’m paleo (at least 75% of the time) so it’s all about the real food. Nothing makes me happy like a fridge full of veggies.

  • a half-improvised paleo chicken curry based on five different recipes that ended up in the crockpot-bowl-part in the oven because we don’t have a pot big enough for soup. oops. still: quite good.
  • PaleOMG’s crockpot chicken enchiladas. guys. SO. GOOD. I’m in love and still happily eating leftovers. It’s almost better cold.
  • scrambled eggs. lots of scrambled eggs.


  • having my own room. space is a beautiful thing.
  • being dance in the dance department. I missed my friends and teachers and that beautiful studio that feels like home.
  • being back with my college church family. it’s really family, y’all.
  • hammocking. there’s the perfect tree on campus for my eno. I love watching the freshmen freak out that I’m hanging in a tree.
  • catching up with all the friends I haven’t seen for nine months
  • making new internet friends (that means you, #fmfparty peeps)
  • looking like a different person every day as my hair grows out. the next three weeks are gonna be rough, though.
  • getting to spend a week (and a day) at the Best Job Ever. the camp staff is seriously my family, and I miss them all during the year. at some point, I’m going to have to become a real adult and get a real job and stop working at summer camp. I dread that day.

linking up with Leigh Kramer to talk about what I’ve been into this month! what has your August looked like?


15 thoughts on “[august 2013]

  1. I’m glad to hear that Beautiful Creatures is a decent book, as the movie was–not surprisingly–a bit ridiculous. That being said, I am all on board for the ridiculousness of The Mortal Instruments.

    1. I’ve been wanting to read City of Bones forever but haven’t had a chance yet. It’s on hold from my library and I’m hoping for it soon. Also, going to be watching Beautiful Creatures, obviously. Gotta love a terrible movie.

  2. alright really i am just a reader not a poster but since you gave psp a shout out i feel compelled to say real jobs are good for post college days and since you have that lingering semester your camp family will welcome you back with welcome arms and much glee. star wars… harry potter…baking…just saying! Love you! 🙂

  3. Great to meet you via Leigh Kramer! I’ve been on paleo for 3 months, and so far surviving it, but not looking forward to the winter, with no melon/strawberries/courgettes/peppers to enliven my plate. Any tips??

    1. I’m actually worried about that too! 🙂 I started at the end of February and that was just a few weeks before bringing our adopted daughter home from the hospital. For the first couple months, I was just happy to be eating anything easy and wasn’t really concerned with variety! Winter will definitely be more challenging I think…

      1. confession: I’m pretty terrible at eating seasonally because I refuse to give up my tomatoes and bell peppers and fruits in the middle of the winter..oops. Paleo can definitely get repetitive but I’ve been challenging myself to try at least one new recipe a week (and let’s talk about how much I love that crockpot).

  4. Wow, August has been insane for you! I’m glad you are settling into your own space, though…that’s so important.

    The Gift of Imperfection is the book I read in spurts when I visit Barnes & Noble, but I want to read more of her work! And Seryn keeps showing up on my Penny & Sparrow-based Spotify radio station. Good stuff. 🙂

    1. my exit buddy told me about Seryn in Kenya and I’m loving them. The Gifts of Imperfection seems like it’s going to be so good…but also hard. Because, my life.

  5. Just watched Breaking Pointe tonight and I have to say Christianna is breaking my heart. I don’t know what’s going on with her marriage but it’s the saddest. You should really try to track down SYTYCD- it’s been a fantastic season!

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

  6. Lovely post – LOVE your Spotify playlists, we are music kindreds for sure. I need to check out Breaking Pointe. I understand the feeling of being back in the dance studio. I used to dance more when I was younger, but I’m still a tapper. Just went back and finished my degree, so was so happy to spend so much time back in the dance studio. Your recipes also sound delish. 🙂

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