last | five minute friday

I want to leave something that lasts.

Because one day, I won’t be here. And like it or not, neither will you.

(Unless they figure out how to cryogenically freeze us and resurrect us in 100 years, but, no. I love Star Wars but have no desire to have a live-action experience of Han Solo’s life. I mean, that looked painful.)

But what will I leave behind?

There’s a song by Sara Groves that contains the line, “generations will reap what I sow.”

And I want to sow good. I want to sow and kindness and patience. I want to live heaven-minded, because it’s only by focusing more on Him than on the things of this world that I could ever possibly hope to make a difference, to leave even just the smallest of marks.

When I’m good and gone and jamming on my harp with the angels, I want your memory of me to be a memory of God. I want to leave Him behind me when I exit your presence. I want to speak His words and declare His truth. My life won’t last, but I can promise you this: My God? He is eternal.

He lasts.


It’s Five Minute Friday again, where we gather from behind computer screens all over the place and drop our hearts onto the page. One word, five minutes, go. Linking up with Lisa-Jo as usual over here.


12 thoughts on “last | five minute friday

  1. Yes…love this. “I want to sow good.” (And I? Want to paint that on my wall because it’s a reminder I need every day!) Thanks for the smiles today, friend…hope your weekend is wonderful! 🙂

  2. Your post reminds me of that poem: only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last. Let’s all sow kindness while we wait for Him!

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