small | five minute friday

small is not really the priority, here.

big house. big car. big closet.

no one wants the small things. size matters, right?

and no one wants to make a small impact. we talk about products that are life-changing and plans that are world-changing and well, small changes are just that: small. changes.

but i want to believe in the small changes. in the small goals.

because big goals? well, i don’t know if i can say that i have any.

love well. live well. write well. listen well.

those are my big goals.

but i’m not making big progress. if it’s a good day, i’m making little progress.

but i can make small changes. i can do that, i think.

i can love you in small ways. i can do the small things. i can speak up with my small voice.

i can make a small difference. that, that i believe i can do.

i can take the small steps.

and maybe my small steps and my small love and my small voice won’t change the world. but maybe i can change my world. change my heart. change my life for the better. one small step at a time.

because i am small, and this world is just so big, but my God is bigger still. so i’ll walk with Him, hand in hand, one small step at a time, following in His footprints.


round here, we take Fridays (or Thursday nights) to spend five minutes writing. Lisa-Jo Baker gives us a prompt, we drop some words, there’s a twitter party. your heart, unedited.


9 thoughts on “small | five minute friday

  1. Hannah!! This is gorgeous 🙂 Your small voice is so beautiful. You bless me tonight, friend! Gotta remember those small steps aren’t small to Him 🙂 Love and hugs to you as you live well, love well, and write well 🙂

  2. Love the reminder that sometimes those small steps really are big…especially when they are taken in obedience to Him. Beautiful post…blessings to you! 🙂

  3. You are so right, you young one, you…It is the small things that change our heart and from a changed heart God is given space to do the BIG.
    Love your heart, Hannah.

  4. Love that our small steps all add up to do big things. Our small acts of kindness, small steps towards small goals…God can use everything that is small about us to do mighty things in His name! Great post!

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