remember this: a letter from Kenya

I wrote this July 30, on the bus from Kitale to Nairobi, on my way to the airport to leave Africa.

Dear Hannah,

You’re on your way home right now. You’re going back, back to a life of comfort and ease. Value it. Realize how much you have, how much you have been given, and be thankful for it. But don’t embrace it. Don’t live in excess. You don’t need it – and someone else, somewhere else, is in need. Think of them a little more often.

Remember today. Remember how you feel. Remember how your heart broke for the orphans, the widows, the poor and needy. And remember how they loved you. Remember how they blessed you. Remember their joy, their faith, their passion. Remember them and honor them by living with joy, with faith, with passion.

Remember how you fell in love with the Word of God. Remember your hunger and thirst for Him. Desire Him. Seek Him. Pursue Him. Above all else. Give Him your time, devote yourself to prayer and scripture, to learning about who He is. Seek Him daily.

Pray. All of the time. Remember: may prayer strengthen. May it strengthen your heart and your mind. May it strengthen your faith and your trust. May it strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Remember to speak out, in boldness and in courage. Remember that God gave you a voice and He gave you truth to speak. Remember that His Spirit is in you, and He will use you to declare the glory of the Lord.

Remember to prefer others. Seek out ways to serve, daily, in every way. Use your words to uplift and encourage and draw others closer to the Lord. Treat others with love, kindness, respect. Be intentional in your relationships. Remember to chose to love.

Remember to opt in. You’re here, so you might as well do something. Say yes. Give all of yourself. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Ask hard questions. Invest. Get your hands dirty. Do something that scares you. Stop waiting.

Remember who you are. Remember all that He has made you to be, at that He has declared about you. You are beautiful. You are cherished. You are valuable. You are blessed. You are His daughter above all. You are a woman of God. Declare this truth over yourself daily until you believe it. Walk in this confidence of who you are.

Remember to give your life to Christ. Every day, make the decision to crucify yourself. Every day, decide to take up your cross. Every day, decide to abide in Him. And remember to be valorous in all things.

Eshet chayil, my darling. Remember this.


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