story | five minute friday

confession: i don’t know what to say about this word.

usually, five minute friday prompts capture my imagination, fill my fingertips with words and thoughts and phrases ready to spill out onto my keyboard.

but not tonight. tonight my brain seems to be a jumble.

story brings to mind a million different things. fairy tales and novels, old testament battles and young adult fiction. my story. your story. her story.

when we talked about kids at the orphange in kitale – the orphanage that ripped all our hearts out and kept a piece on it’s bare cold floor – we used story.

what’s her story?

those were sad stories.

but beautiful, too. some of the most beautiful stories have a bit of sadness. it makes the happy ending better, don’t you think?

and oh, how I am praying for a happy ending for those girls. and you. and me.

because my story has sad parts. and it will keep having sad parts.

ups and downs. highs and low. like every good story.

a story of a perfectly happy life is a story that’s not really worth reading.

i put the book down if nothing interesting is happening.

so i’ll hold onto my story. and your story. and her story. i’ll store them up in my heart, and cry with you over the sad parts, and hope for a happy ending.


well apparently I did have something to say about this prompt. one of my favorite things about Five Minute Friday is that I always surprise myself. linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker again – on the right day this time! I know, I know, it’s Thursday. She gave us the word early, so blame her. FMF is simple: one word. five minutes. no editing. 


9 thoughts on “story | five minute friday

  1. Maybe the beauty of the highs and lows is that He can take them and write the best possible story for each of us. 🙂 Beautiful post…thank you for sharing! Happy Friday to you! 🙂

  2. so i’ll hold onto my story. and your story. and her story. i’ll store them up in my heart, and cry with you over the sad parts, and hope for a happy ending.—> This line… just this. LOVE IT!

  3. some things i love about FMF – 1) that I’m never quite sure what is going to be revealed as I write with the prompt and 2) how so many people have something different or perhaps reflective to say on the same topic. So thankful that the Lord laid this on Lisa=jo to involve us all in. Thank you for this post. Sounds like you had a heart changing and life changing experience in that place you visited. Praying that you are able to speak truth again into those lives one day..and thankful that you shower those beautiful young women in prayer.

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