broken | five minute not-friday

You’re broken.
I’m broken.
We’re all broken.

This whole dang world is broken.

That’s all I can think, seeing this world around me. Seeing poverty, seeing pain. Seeing sickness, abuse, hatred. Seeing all the hurt. Seeing it around me in Africa.

Seeing it in me.

Seeing jealousy, pride, anger. Seeing resentment and gossip. Envy. Slander. Spite. Hate. Unforgiveness.


And it’s easier to see around me than inside me. It’s painful to know that the world is broken, but harder to accept that I am broken.

We’re all in need of healing. Start with my heart, Abba.


My five minute Friday track record is pretty terrible when it comes to…actually posting on Friday. In my defense, I wrote this on the correct Friday and was unable to post it until now. #africaproblems. Linking up with Lisa-Jo, a little late, over here.


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