i’m leaving.

I get on a plane tomorrow.

I fly to Atlanta. I have a night of training camp. Then on Tuesday, I fly to Amsterdam, and then I fly to Nairobi.

From there, I have no idea what happens.

I’m ready. Maybe. I’m not ready.

Can you be ready? I don’t know. I don’t think so.

I’m leaving tomorrow, to spend a month in Kenya.

In case you missed it, you can read the about everything here.

Thinking back – all the way back to that car outside that Cookout that one night when Sarah got so excited and shouted “YOU SHOULD GO TO KENYA!!!!!!!!” (yes. all those exclamation points are necessary) and I promptly responded with something gracious and mature like OH HELL NO.

I think I knew then, knew the second she brought it up. Knew that I was going to end up here.

And so here I am.

I was going to write an eloquent post about leaving Malta and coming home and processing the past semester and looking forward to this next month and I just can’t.

So thank you, to everyone who has donated and prayed for me and supported me and encouraged me and loved me. It’s been a crazy journey so far. And I haven’t even left yet.

I’ll be updating you when I can.



3 thoughts on “i’m leaving.

  1. Go have an adventure with God! I’m sure it will be awesome and terrifying and humbling and exhilarating and oh, so many other things! But He will go before you and behind you, with you and in you, every moment of every day. He will be molding you into an even more beautiful and functional vessel, to be used for His Glory. Godspeed!

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