in between | five minute friday

My whole life is in between right now.

I’m in between countries. Last Saturday, I flew home from four and a half months in Malta. On Monday, I leave for a month in Kenya.

I’ve barely begun to process the past semester, and here I am, leaving again. My bedroom floor is covered in clothes. I’m simultaneously unpacking and repacking.

My body is still in between time zones. I’m not fully integrated into EST yet, which is probably for the best, as I’ll just have to switch right back again.

At 21, I feel in between in every way.

In between a teenager and an adult.

There’s something about 21 that makes me feel like I have to have my stuff together.

I’m not a -teen anymore. But also, we all know I’m not grown up. I’m still in college, but the real world is looming, ever-threatening, on my horizon.

I feel in between cities, too. This house where I grew up is home, isn’t it? But my college town feels increasingly like home. My friends, my teachers, my church are all there.

This season of in between makes me restless. I don’t know what’s up ahead but I’m done with what’s behind.

I’m not quite ready to move ahead, but I don’t like being in between, either. It feels lost, in a way. Constantly in transition.

And then I think of the Israelites, wandering for 40 years.

40 years of in between.

And in those 40 years of in between, God was still good. God was still there.

And all I can do is trust that He is here in my in between.


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes, one word (or…maybe two), just write, no judgement. 


9 thoughts on “in between | five minute friday

  1. That in between stage is one that comes back again and again throughout life. It’s easy I think to reach forward for the next thing, but maybe since it’s so common, it’s not meant to be so hard? I’m trying to teach myself to rest in those in between moments, to let go of anxiety and expectations and just see what might be there. Eesh, but it’s a long journey!

  2. I love your perspective and I remember college so well- it was in this in-between time that I really grew in the Lord. You, my friend, are wise beyond your 21 years!

  3. Great perspective about the Isrealites! Sometimes I feel that I’m alone in my wanderings, but that is definitely not the truth! Keep your focus on Him and truly enjoy this time! 🙂

  4. Yes – I remember that “in between” feeling of college very well. Hang in there… and best of luck to you on your future travels! What an adventure. Now is the time to see the world, so good for you for doing it!

  5. came here from the FMF linkup. Wow, i didn’t think about the fact that the Israelites had 40 years of being in-between. That is something to consider.
    sounds like you have had some awesome opportunities in your schooling and being able to live abroad, but I totally hear you on wondering where Home is and where you ‘belong’ I think i called school home, and my parents house home and several of the places i’ve lived on my own ‘home’ its a hard place to nail down. i hope that your transition to being in Africa is a good one and you aren’t too tired out. All the best in this new adventure.

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