rhythm | five minute fri(mon)day

Right now, my life is missing a rhythm.

My body’s rhythm – that whole circadian rhythm sleep cycle thing – is all confused from being flown across the Atlantic, from a 24-hours-awake-after-2-hours-of-sleep  marathon travel day. And this poor body o’mine has just enough time to switch back to EST before I throw it back on a plane and haul it back across the Atlantic.

There’s no rhythm.

Life is a jumble of countries and currencies, suitcases packed and unpacked and repacked, floors covered in clothes and cords and souvenirs.

And I crave rhythm. I crave a schedule, structure, I crave a daily routine.

My body needs rhythm. As a dancer, I know how to settle in, how to let that rhythm become part of me and exist within my muscle and my bones.

That’s a lie; ask my dance teachers. I’m always ahead of the music. I need to slow down.

In more ways than one.


No. It is not Friday. Am I doing last week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt on Monday? Yes. Why? Well, for one thing, #YOLO, amiright? For another, Friday was my last day in Malta and between my full schedule of pool, packing, and beach, I completely forgot about it. I’ll admit it. So now I’m joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker, a few days late, for a five-minute free write. Don’t think. Just type.


One thought on “rhythm | five minute fri(mon)day

  1. greetings from another habitual fri(mon … tues … thurs) poster. I enjoyed reading this. Hope your travel lets you enjoy the journey as much as the destination this week 🙂

    Stopping over from FMF with Lisa-Jo

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