in which God is good, and you are generous. [East Africa update]

thank you.

That’s all I have to say, really.

Not really. I have a lot more words waiting – this is me here – but I think that sums it up.

My support deadline for Africa is today.

Not only has it been met, it’s been passed.

You all gave $4,069 to send me to Africa.

I’ve overwhelmed. I really don’t know what to say except thank you, thank you, thank you. Over and over again. There were times when I doubted this, doubted that the money would come, doubted my decision to go on this trip. Raising $4,000 from another country? I must be crazy.

But as it turns out, my God is kinda crazy too, and He provides. Oh, goodness, He provides.

You have no idea how many times I sat in front of my laptop, my fundraising account open on my screen, my eyes full of tears. The first donation I received to cover my trip deposit, from a dear friend who texted me 30 minutes after I announced that I was going to Africa to ask how she could support me. The very last donation I received, the gift that pushed me over my goal. Every single time I met a deadline that I thought I wasn’t going to make.

Large donations came in, and I was absolutely amazed by yours generosity. Thank you. Small donations came in, and I was blessed by your willingness to give what you could. Thank you.

To those of you who donated anonymously – I can’t tell you this in person, so an extra thank you in this space. Your desire to support me secretly humbled me time and time again. Thank you.

To family far and near, friends new and old – every single dollar you gave taught me about trust, about gratefulness, about God. He truly used you to show me who He is. Thank you.

So here I am, fully funded. Back when this whole adventure began, I could never have imagined how fast the time would go. I leave in two weeks, flying first to Atlanta to meet my team for a brief training session, and then flying out to Africa. I’m going to Kenya, by the way. It all still seems so surreal, especially as I’m still sitting on a rock in the Mediterranean right now, that in two weeks’ time I’ll be flying (back) across the big pond to spend a month in Kenya. I’ll have a week at home to unpack, find some ankle-length skirts and a mosquito net, and repack before I jet away again. And goodness, how that terrifies me, for a multitude of reasons. I’m excited and nervous and scared and overwhelmed and apprehensive and a whole long list of adjectives. But God has been good, and you have been so incredibly supportive with your words, finances, and prayers, and so I can go forward in faith.

Thank you.


One thought on “in which God is good, and you are generous. [East Africa update]

  1. When God calls, he always provides! So glad to hear you are fully funded and looking forward to following along your own Central African adventure, having just got back from mine!

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