listen | five minute friday

I don’t listen well.

Well, sometimes I do. In some ways, I do.

I’ve learned how to be quiet, how not to speak over and into the conversation. I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to let someone talk. I’ve mastered the art of sipping my tea and nodding along, of just being and hearing and understanding.

I listen well to others, usually.

I don’t listen well to God.

I talk too much, stumble and trip over my words, coming out by mouth or pen or keyboard, I scribble them out and type them down too quickly. Rushing, as if all I have is now and I have to say it all.

I scrawl pages of my journal full, full of questions and doubts and worries and uncertainties.

But I’m no good at the listening part. I don’t like the silence, the stillness, once the pages are full and the pen is put down. I’m not good at the waiting, at the quiet, at the calm. If God’s not saying something now, He’s not gonna say something in the next five minutes, right? So why am I still sitting here?

So I shut the pages on my questions without really listening for answers.


Lisa-Jo Baker hosts a virtual writing party called Five Minute Friday, where she throws out a prompt and you write – just write – for five minutes. No editing, no changing, no thinking. Just words. I’m joining in this week, and hopefully for many more to come. Check it out, set a timer, get in on the fun. You know you want to.



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