note to myself, but also to you too.

calm your heart, darling.

just breathe for a minute. calm your heart and clear your head.

because it is overwhelming and it is busy and it is too much and you just want to cry, I know. oh, I know.

but calm your heart.

because it’s hard to let Him in when your heart is a raging mess. He’s offering peace, but you can’t see it right now. so calm that heart of yours and force that head of yours to just. stop. for a few minutes.

and here you are, and it feels like too much, but He is here too. and He is good and He is kind and it’s all in His hands anyway, so you just let it go and calm your heart.

because this world is going to keep going, and no one’s going to hit the pause button for you. so find time, take time, make time. carve out silence, create space in that chest of yours.

calm your heart.

and curl up inside the stillness. for an hour, for ten minutes, for five. for the time it takes your tea to steep or for that red light to click over to green.

so calm your heart, and know this: He is in control. calm your heart and breathe, calm your heart and trust.

calm your heart, my darling. calm your heart.


the phrase “calm your heart” was shamelessly stolen from Sarah Bessey’s One Good Phrase post and has quickly become part of my daily life. read her words, learn from them, and remember: calm your heart, love.


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