give me faith.

give me faith
to trust what You say
that You’re good 
and Your love is great

Faith & Trust are so hard for me. It should be simple: God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and He is good.

Why would I not place my life in His hands?

because I have been hurt. because I have been rejected and forgotten, ignored and insulted. and I have hurt, I have rejected and forgotten and ignored and insulted.

We all have; that’s what happens. That’s how it goes in this world where we are all broken, all hurt. We try to love with our imperfect hearts but inevitably, I will hurt you and you will hurt me.

So we build up our walls and become wary. We decided that trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. We put our faith in money, jobs, ourselves – anything but anyone else, because everyone else fails us.

but God is something so different. He loves perfectly, He never fails. All He has ever done is prove Himself trustworthy, over and over again. and still I doubt.

I hesitate and question. I try it my way. I think I can do it alone.

I can’t put all my faith, all my trust in Him – I can’t hand Him my heart completely – because what happens if He breaks it?

He never will. He promises He will never leave me nor forsake me, He will never stop loving me. He is not the business of hurting. He declares healing, hope, joy over my life.

Joy I long for. Hope I can cling too. Healing I so desperately need.

so I’m learning to trust. step by step, day by day. in the small things and the large things. Offering my heart up piece by piece, bit by bit, for Him to hold.

I’m broken inside
I give you my life
all I am, I surrender

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