to my one-day, some-day daughter.

an open letter to a girl who does not yet exist, and to every girl who does.

Dearest one,

I am 20. I am single. I am in the midst of college midterms and papers and stress, and you – you are not yet alive. I don’t even know if you will ever be alive. Marriage and motherhood are so far away on my horizon that they’re basically off it.

But tonight, you are heavy on my heart.

My darling, the world you are born into is a hard place. It is harsh and cruel, and it will hurt you. This I know. But this I know, too: that there is beauty in the world. That there is joy, and laughter, and quiet mornings and starry skies. I know that you will discover all the beauty this world offers, and I hope you never stop searching for it. Wake up every morning with your eyes full of wonder, with your heart full of love, with your mind full of curiosity, and your life will be full.

There are things I want you to know, my precious child. Things that are true, and good, things that you need to hold onto. I will try my best to tell them to you, every day, to speak truth into your little ears when you are too young to remember it in hope that you will never forget.

You are beautiful. You are so, so beautiful. You with your eyes full of life, your mouth full of smiles. You are beautiful because you were created by the One who defines beauty, the One who declares what beauty is, and He defined you and He declared you beautiful. Let no one take this beauty from you. Your skin will break out, and your hair will frizz, and you will lament the size of your hips, your waist, your thighs. You’ll want longer legs and straighter hair and thinner everything, but my darling – you are perfect the way you are. So claim those legs and thighs and waist and those wild, unruly curls, and live in them and with them instead of against them. Trust me, it’s so much easier to love your body instead of always fighting it. Your body will help you do great things; be sure to love it, to thank it.

You are beautiful, but you are also so much more than that. My child, you have intelligence, wit, curiosity. Use them. Learn as much as you can, about whatever interests you. You have the capability to be so much, to do so much. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a girl, and so you can’t be a scientist or doctor or engineer or astronaut or president. You can be anything – anything, darling! The world is full of possibilities, so open your hands and take them all in. Wrap your fingers around those opportunities and hold them tight. They are yours to claim; make the most of them.

My love, there will people be that will try to hurt you, try to tell you lies, try to take away your you-ness. They will say that you are not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough, not enough.

You are enough.

You are valued. You are worthy. You are precious, you are cherished, you are loved more than you can ever believe or imagine or dream. I will love you, always, but I am just a person and I have been hurt by this world, too, so I can’t love you perfectly. But I know someone who can, and His love will never, never fail you.

So many things I want to teach you, to tell you, to make sure you know. But most importantly, above all, darling, know this: there is one who knows you, all of you, inside and out. Good and bad. Everything you have done, will ever do.

He loves you, with a love that I cannot describe because it is not a love that I can comprehend. But it is a love that is good, pure, perfect.

Cling to it. Hold onto it, pursue it above all else. Run to Him, always, child, when the world is harsh and you are lost, because He knows who You are. When you cannot seem to find yourself, seek out Him, and I promise that in His love, you will find all that you are meant to be.

Love, your one-day, some-day mother.


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