you will find rest.

I don’t rest well.

I over-commit and I take too many classes and I push myself too hard, physically and emotionally and academically.

Four days. Four measly days into the first semester of my Junior year, and already I am overwhelmed. I am tired, I am drained, and I am overwhelmed. It feels like the semester has been going on forever and I already am behind on everything.

I have not made time for God. And I have been craving it so badly, needing His peace and comfort, but I have been too busy rushing around and trying to do everything that I haven’t been listening. Haven’t been hearing His call to slow down, to come to Him, to find rest.

Tonight, my friend told me she was hanging her hammock up and I should join her. I almost didn’t. I had homework, I was tired, I wanted to curl up with a mug of tea and ignore the world. But I went.

She hung up her hammock and I crawled into it with her. My roommate hung up her hammock, pulled out her guitar, and we spent the next half hour singing to Jesus. Three girls, hanging in a tree outside the library, singing praise in our off-key voices.

And under the night sky, I found peace and comfort. God worked His way through my stress and worry and whispered into my soul.

Come to me.

I will give you rest.